Give Us Your Best Shot

Early Blue Violet

It’s that time again! We’re looking for photos for our 2022 calendar. This call is open to everyone, amateur and professional, and to all ages.

What’s caught your eye? Perhaps it’s a mallard in flight or an old farmstead. Maybe an Early Blue Violet or a winter snowfall.

Our calendar theme is Worth Conserving. It features images that reflect Legacy’s three main areas of conservation—ecological, agricultural and historical. Our Submission Guidelines offer suggestions for photo opportunities in each of those areas.

You’ll also find details about image size and orientation. (No vertical shots please—our calendar layout uses only horizontal images.)

Once you’ve chosen your best shots upload them on the Submission Form. You can submit up to 5 photos. The deadline is June 30. We’re keen to see what you think is worth conserving.


It’s a Bee! It’s a Wasp! It’s a Fly?

Can you tell the difference among these pollinators?

Hover Flies

What’s Not to Love About Bumble Bees!

With their rather ungainly fuzzy bodies and short, stubby wings these robust insects spend their summers pollinating both wild plants and commercial crops.

Bumble Bees – Bob Griebel

Beetle Trivia Quiz

Beetles are important pollinators. But how much do we really know about them? Test your Beetle IQ.

Beetles Quiz


Cut It Out!

Have you ever wondered what makes small, circular cutouts in your garden leaves?

Leafcutter Bees – Sarah Leach (PDF)

Rufous Hummingbirds

Don’t think just bees when it comes to pollinators! Some birds, such as hummingbirds, also help get the job done.

Rufous Hummingbirds – Bob Griebel (PDF)

Northern Leopard Frog Conservation in Alberta

How did these frogs become an indicator species for Alberta’s wetland ecosystems? Alistair Baron explains.

Northern Leopard Frog Conservation in Alberta (PDF)

How To Help Our Native Bees

Save the Bees has become a rallying cry to help declining bee populations but although the sentiment is well-intentioned it often leads to misunderstanding about where and what the real problem is.

How To Help Our Native Bees – Aalistair Baron (PDF)

Losing the Dark - Night sky in Central Alberta

Losing the Dark

Have you checked out the night sky lately? On a clear night a hundred years ago, the Milky Way appeared bright enough that it cast several different shadows from sunset to sunrise. Nowadays, we are lucky to notice it at all!

Losing the Dark – Jordan Collin (PDF)

Rivers and Runoff

During spring runoff, it can be difficult to identify exactly how much water is too much.

Mountain View County has experienced a significant amount of moisture so far this spring.

In April, ice jams created floods across Alberta, including on the Little Red Deer River. Ice jams are more common on rivers which flow…

Rivers and Runoff – Jordan Collin (PDF)