Tree PlantingDakotah Fleming

A Gift of Trees

Earlier this summer, Legacy received a call from the Agroforestry & Woodlot Extension Society (AWES). They had some good news. Several hundred tree and shrub saplings had become available. A forestry project elsewhere…
Great Gray OwlSally Banks

Walking on the Wild Side

July 7th was my first monitoring visit of one of Legacy Land Trust's conservation easements. Owl Ridge, southwest of Water Valley, is nestled under the canopy of aspen and spruce.  The day began with picking Tall Buttercups for Legacy’s…
Female Mountain BluebirdVeronica Reist

Tough Year for Mtn Bluebirds

Our Legacy/Rotary trail had significant declines in breeding success for both the Mountain Bluebird and Tree Swallow in 2021. This poor turnout is typical across North America in 2021. Friends in Colorado and Nebraska report drastic declines. Christmas…
Great Gray OwlSally Banks

An Unexpected Visitor

During this hot dry weather I've become accustomed to many different birds at the water dishes on my deck. But nothing prepared me for what I saw this morning when I looked out my window. Along with Black-capped and Boreal Chickadees, and…
Buttercup BlitzSally Banks

Goodbye Buttercups!

  On July 7th and 8th, Legacy staff and volunteers gathered at Owl Ridge Conservation Easement, southwest of Water Valley, for our 3rd annual Buttercup Blitz. READ MORE ...
Red AphidsSally Banks

No Ants Required

Most people recognize aphids, those tiny green or black insects that can infest our garden flowers and veggies. You'll often find ants tending the aphids like a herd of cows, moving the aphids around the plant to better feeding areas,…
Early Blue VioletSally Banks

Give Us Your Best Shot

It's that time again! We're looking for photos for our 2022 calendar. This call is open to everyone, amateur and professional, and to all ages. What's caught your eye? Perhaps it's a mallard in flight or an old farmstead. Maybe an Early…
Hoverfly on FlowerSally Banks

It’s a Bee! It’s a Wasp! It’s a Fly?

Can you tell the difference among these pollinators? Hover Flies
Bumble BeeSally Banks

What’s Not to Love About Bumble Bees!

With their rather ungainly fuzzy bodies and short, stubby wings these robust insects spend their summers pollinating both wild plants and commercial crops. Bumble Bees - Bob Griebel
BeetleSally Banks

Beetle Trivia Quiz

Beetles are important pollinators. But how much do we really know about them? Test your Beetle IQ. Beetles Quiz