Is Blite a Blight?

Strawberry Blite Strawberry Blite pops up in my garden almost every year. I don’t plant it and I have no idea how it arrived.

At a time when many plants are winding down, it always surprises me with its bright colour and enthusiasm.

It goes by many names including Strawberry Spinach (the leaves are edible), Strawberry Goosefoot, Indian Ink and Beet Berry.

The berries (shown here) form in tightly packed clusters that to someone with a good imagination might resemble strawberries. Each tiny berry contains a shiny black lens-shaped seed. The fruit is edible though I haven’t sampled it.

Strawberry Blite is native across Canada and much of the US. I’ve found it growing in wild places—open woods and fields—as well as gravel pits and along roadsides. Ornamental varieties are sold by some garden centres.

What’s a word worth? Blite is a group of herbs. Blight is a plant disease or injury; or, something that causes an unwanted outcome or is an eyesore. Strawberry Blite is always welcome in my garden.

Sally Banks
Legacy Volunteer