Welcome to Legacy Land Trust Society

Legacy Land Trust Society, with its office in Olds, Alberta serves the residents and landscapes of Mountain View County and surrounding municipalities.

Legacy is a registered non-profit charity dedicated to conservation and stewardship of land, waterways and wildlife in this central Alberta region.

Since 2013, our group of dedicated volunteers and staff have worked with local landowners and communities to help conserve and nurture these ecological treasures for future generations.

Notes from the Land

Female Mountain BluebirdVeronica Reist

Tough Year for Mtn Bluebirds

Our Legacy/Rotary trail had significant declines in breeding…
Great Gray OwlSally Banks

An Unexpected Visitor

During this hot dry weather I've become accustomed to many different…
Buttercup BlitzSally Banks

Goodbye Buttercups!

  On July 7th and 8th, Legacy staff and volunteers…
Red AphidsSally Banks

No Ants Required

Most people recognize aphids, those tiny green or black insects…