antoniuk conservation easement project

Antoniuk Conservation Easement 2018

Terry and Claudette Antoniuk established a conservation easement on this quarter in 2018 with Legacy Land Trust Society.

The Little Red Deer River flows through the northwest corner of the quarter which is located northwest of Olds.

The property includes approximately 66 acres of native vegetation, 40 acres of which is mature upland mixed wood parkland forest with a steep timbered slope connecting to riparian habitat along the Little Red Deer River, which was certified as an Ecological Gift by Environment and Climate Change Canada. It also includes a 3-acre unoccupied farmstead and 89 acres of cultivated land, currently in timothy production.

The overall management goal for the Antoniuk quarter is to maintain the upland mixed-wood forest and riparian habitat adjacent to the Little Red Deer River in an undisturbed natural state as part of a larger river/riparian corridor, while continuing to allow well-managed agricultural production on the cultivated portion of the quarter.