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Legacy Land Trust Society

We are a registered non-profit charity dedicated to conservation and stewardship of significant lands—ecological, agricultural and heritage—in Central Alberta.

Based in Olds we work with landowners, interested individuals, communities, organizations and governments to conserve and nurture these lands for future generations.

stewarding land

If you’re keen on conservation we have programs that will get you close to the land.

Are you a writer, artist or photographer? A bird lover?

Or maybe you’re a hands-in-the-dirt person and would like to be involved in stewardship?

Check out our Programs.

And join our Friends Of Legacy to stay up-to-date with our activities and events.

ruffed grouse

Partnering with private landowners we’ve conserved thousands of acres, from boreal forest and wetlands to native grasslands and working farms and ranches.

Conserving these lands contributes to a future of healthy ecosystems, clean air and water, land for growing food and a reminder of our collective history on the land.

Notes from the Land

Female Mountain BluebirdVeronica Reist

Tough Year for Mtn Bluebirds

Our Legacy/Rotary trail had significant declines in breeding success for both the Mountain Bluebird and Tree Swallow in 2021. This poor turnout is typical across North America in 2021. Friends in Colorado and Nebraska report drastic declines. Christmas…
Great Gray OwlSally Banks

An Unexpected Visitor

During this hot dry weather I've become accustomed to many different birds at the water dishes on my deck. But nothing prepared me for what I saw this morning when I looked out my window. Along with Black-capped and Boreal Chickadees, and…
Buttercup BlitzSally Banks

Goodbye Buttercups!

  On July 7th and 8th, Legacy staff and volunteers gathered at Owl Ridge Conservation Easement, southwest of Water Valley, for our 3rd annual Buttercup Blitz. READ MORE ...